Treatment Of Coronavirus


People who have recovered from the coronavirus can save their lives by donating their plasma corona virus to patients after three weeks. The patient appears to recover after 48 hours of plasma transfusion. Only one patient can be cured with a plasma. Because plasma contains antibodies. Therefore, they help to prevent infection.

In this regard, DRAP has allowed CLINICAL TRIAL to doctors. Only certified entities can take plasma from a coronavirus patient. This type has been tested on many patients in China. This treatment is called PASSIVE IMMUNIZATION.

The Coronavirus Has Decreased, Not Disappeared

If you look closely, there are no precautionary measures against coronavirus in society. It seems from the attitudes of the people that there has never been a dangerous epidemic in the world in the form of the coronavirus. People are thinking that life before corona has returned. It is wrong to think so. Large numbers of people are leaving their homes for sightseeing, which can be extremely harmful and cause the spread of the virus. No one uses masks, nor do they avoid social distances. However, observations show that in states where the coronavirus has declined, the virus has re-emerged when people took precautionary measures. The situation in Pakistan is still under control, but people should not give up a caution. The government should remind the people that the threat is not over. If the public does not take precautions, the virus can become more aggressive.

Effects Of The Corona

Despite the terror of the coronavirus, ski vaccines are being developed around the world. US President Trump has said that the vaccine for the epidemic will hit the market in a few months, which will open up new markets for pharmaceutical companies for their products. While every airline has made the corona test mandatory for passengers going abroad, which has made the owners of clinical laboratories silver. Currently, millions of people in India, the world’s second-largest country, are affected by the corona.

Physicians recommend that patients undergo a test called “PCR” (POLYMERASE CHAIN ​​REACTION) to diagnose the corona virus.

Benefit From Taking Antibiotics

This is a standard test. Currently, 4 1 laboratories across the country are facilitating this test. It is a viral infection, in which the patient does not benefit from taking antibiotics and may experience side effects from taking any medication on their own. The body temperature of the person infected with this virus increases greatly. According to the World Health Organization, the patient’s used items, such as mobile phones, towels, glasses, plates, cups, and pens, should not be used by anyone else. Otherwise, they may be infected with this virus.

The patient should eat a balanced diet, and avoid smoking at all costs. This is because the lungs are greatly affected by smoking.

How To Get Rid Of The Coronavirus

Russian scientists claim to have developed an effective drug to get rid of the coronavirus. They have given mefloquine, an effective anti-malarial drug, to some patients, which has not only reduced their internal irritation. In fact, the spread of the virus has stopped.

According to Russia’s Federal Biomedical Agency, the drug has had encouraging results. The drug also contains antibiotics, which have been shown to increase the number of components in the blood plasma and lungs that are resistant to the virus. Mefloquine has been used to treat many patients with the cornea virus.

Vaccine For The Coronavirus

In addition, Johnson has entered into an agreement with the United States to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. The vaccine will be available by September 2020. An American company has also developed a special type of rapid kit (KIT) that can diagnose coronavirus in just five minutes. The kit is so small that it can be easily carried anywhere, and the coronavirus can be diagnosed. According to a study, a person infected with the coronavirus can transmit the virus to another person through their own tears. If a person touches that person’s tears or touches the place where the tears fell, the virus can also be transmitted to them.


Flower like Babies and Summer


Like every year, this year too, after June-July, August is experiencing extreme heat. It is very important to take precautionary measures to avoid damage in this extremely hot weather. Adults can take care of themselves and avoid the weather to some extent. In such cases, it is very important to take care of the children. Undoubtedly children are one of nature’s greatest blessings. These are the invaluable gifts of nature that make our lives smile.

Children Are As Delicate As Flowers

Just as flowers do not grow properly, so they begin to wither. In the same way, children need care and attention. Everyone loves children, but some children are the star in their parents’ eyes, the way parents can take care of their children. No one else can. That is why, when summer comes, mothers choose clothes and other things for themselves according to the season. There she arranges appropriate clothing, precocious heat powder, and other essentials to protect her children from the heat of summer.

Heat Rashes

According to health experts, children should bathe daily in summer. If children have heat rash, then bathing is even more important. In summer, heat rashes are a major problem. They are called “prekli heats” in English and are correctly pronounced, prekli means fork, touching thorns, heat rashes appear on the body, and it seems that thorns are burning on the body or thorns are being bitten.

Causes of Itching or Stinging

Children show great nervousness in such a situation. Because these grains cause severe itching. Heat grains usually emit more at the same time, when the humidity in the air also increases with the onset of summer. We all know that when we feel hot, our body sweats to cool us down. Sweat glands are located under our skin. Sweat from these glands reaches our skin through narrow ducts. If for some reason these ducts become blocked, the sweat glands do not reach the skin and get stuck in the path. Then this sweat emerges on the skin in the form of protest heat grains. If the sweat stays just below the skin, then small rashes appear on the skin, like dew drops. If the sweat stays a little deeper under the skin, then innumerable red rashes appear on the skin, which causes severe itching or stinging.

How To Protect Children From These Heat Waves

It is important to protect children from these heat waves, that is, to protect them from extreme heat as much as possible. Avoid carrying them directly in the sun, and if you must carry them, be sure to provide sunscreens, such as sun protection lotions, umbrellas, or shaded clothing. If children have rashes, bathe them daily, apply pre-heated powder and keep them in an open, airy, and cool place as far as possible.

Sweat in Summer:

It is normal to sweat in the summer, never bathe the baby while he is sweating, and do not sit under the fan without drying the sweat, dry the sweat with towels or handkerchiefs, and then bathe the baby, fan after bathing. The strong wind can harm the baby. To protect the baby from overheating of the fan and manage the natural air properly, such as opening a window. In the summer, water the baby periodically. So that his body does not become dehydrated, which is excreted in the form of sweat. With the above guidelines from health experts and these simple steps, we can take better care of our children like flowers.


Dengue, Symptoms, Precautions, and Treatment


It is very important for all of us to have complete information about the dengue epidemic that was rapidly introduced in Asia a few years ago. So that in case of any emergency, you and your loved ones can be saved from loss of life. It is very useful for a person to have advanced knowledge about any problem or disease. With the changing seasons, dengue mosquito breeding and attacks increase dramatically. Therefore, it is important to get timely information about dengue fever. So today we will talk about the same topic.

Types and Spread of Dengue

Every effort will be made to provide complete information to the readers regarding the types, diagnosis, treatment, and precautions of dengue. They are made up of very small single-stranded RNAs. In humans, the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. The virus can also be transmitted from mother to child during delivery or during pregnancy (symptoms of the disease). It is found mostly in urban areas in tropical and sub-tropical climatic conditions.

People of all ages who have access to infected mosquitoes. May suffer from this disease. The disease occurs mostly during the rainy season in tropical regions of Asia and South America. Where specific mosquitoes are found in large numbers. The virus is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected female mosquitoes. While in humans it cannot take the form of untouchability. The time it takes for the virus to enter the bloodstream and show symptoms is 3-4 days.

Symptoms of This Disease

The duration of the disease is 7.3 days. Symptoms include severe headache, severe pain in bones, joints, and muscles, severe pain behind the eyes, silk on the body and bruises of various shapes and sizes, bleeding from the nose, gums. Bleeding, bleeding in the urine, and a bandage test is notable. Dengue is diagnosed mostly at the clinic, based on physical examination and symptoms. But the CBC report is also helpful in the diagnosis and has a significant reduction in the number of blood-clotting cells – platelets. Tourniquet test. A blood pressure measuring device is tied to the arm, inflated, and the blue marks on the armpit arm are counted, and if they are 20-10 in an inch, the chances of being diagnosed with dengue increase.

  • Treatment
  • Symptomatic treatment
  • ORS
Transfusion In Case Of Severe Deficiency

Remember that only a doctor can cure any disease. Self-treatment can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, even a single symptom of dengue fever should be referred to a doctor immediately (as a result of the disease). Most people recover completely. The mortality rate is 5.1%, which is less than 1% with full treatment.

However, if blood pressure drops significantly, the mortality rate rises to 26% (caution) Wear full-sleeved shirts and use paint that covers the entire leg. Spray your clothes with mosquito repellent or spray (permethrin). Use EPA-approved mosquito repellent, such as DAT. If mosquitoes are found in large numbers in your area, be sure to use a mosquito net. Do not allow water to stand in your homes, in pots, in broken tires, in vases, or in broken bottles. Get vaccinated against dengue fever.


10 Interesting Foods That Never Go Bad


The refrigerator was discovered in 1834 by Jacob Perkins of London and the world’s first refrigeration system, the first step in today’s generation of modern refrigerators. That’s why Jacob Perkins invented the regression system. To keep food cool, to keep it safe and not spoiled.

Jacob’s discovery is serving all of humanity today, but it also doesn’t keep food safe for long and it still spoils food, but today in this article we will mention 10 foods that are very It would not be wrong to say for a long time or if it never goes bad.

White rice:

If white rice is stored in an oxygen-free container at temperatures below 40 degrees, it can be stored for more than 30 years, and its nutritional value is maintained even after such a long period of time. Brown rice does not last that long and expires in 6 months due to the oil inside.


Vinegar has many benefits for human health and it is not the only source of vinegar. It also has many other advantages, one of which is that it does not deteriorate. Experts say that apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, balsamic vinegar, raspberry vinegar, rice wine vinegar, red wine vinegar are vinegar that does not expire. If stored in airtight jars.


Nature has endowed the bee with alchemy that modern science has so far researched the most and is silent because it knows nothing. Honey is considered to be the only food in the world that never really goes bad, and the oldest jar of honey ever discovered is 5,500 years old.

Ingredients contained in honey where highly acidic properties. It contains very little moisturizer, which allows bacteria to never grow in honey, which does not spoil the honey, but if the honey is not kept in an airtight jar, it will absorb moisture from the air. Starts, and then this moisture leads to the expiration of honey.


The salt we use today to eat in our homes. If you research it, you will find that it is also thousands of years old. The Khyura Salt Mine in Pakistan is the second largest salt mine in the world and is said to have been discovered by the horses of Alexander the Great’s army.

Not only does salt spoil itself, but it has also been used for centuries to preserve things for a long time, and its use in Egypt was embalmed, Because it absorbs moisture.

Note: If you are using iodized salt in your home kitchen, remember that this salt does not last more than five years due to the presence of iodine and deteriorates.

Dry pulses:

Dried pulses and beans do not spoil and can be stored for many years. Use airtight jars or plastic bags to store them.


Like salt, sugar never goes bad. If it is protected from heat and moisture. Experts say that white sugar, brown sugar, etc. have no expiration date and even if it changes color due to falling in the open air, it still retains the properties of sugar.

Soy Sauce:

The use of soy sauce is older than about 220 AD. And this sauce, even if stored in an airtight bottle, does not spoil for many centuries, and even if it is stored in the refrigerator after opening the bottle, it can be used for up to 1 year.


Alcohol is forbidden in food and drink. But it is not unclean, and even if it is protected from the heat and sun in an airtight jar, it does not spoil. But if it gets windy, then slowly it starts to get worse.

Dry Milk:

Although powdered milk does not taste like fresh milk. But since it can be stored for a long time. Therefore, its importance should not be denied. If airtight packaging of dry milk is protected from heat and sun, experts say it can be stored for more than 10 years.

Corn Starch:

Corn starch is one of the items used in our daily meals. And even if it is kept in a place protected from oxygen, it can also be used for a long time.


8 Diseases diagnosed by the eyes


The human eye is an invaluable gift of nature. This is the second way of reaching the human soul after the ears, by which the human mind likes something and keeps it inside, and after seeing it with the same eye, it dislikes someone and takes it out. Scholars know by sight, whether what is said is true or false, and scholars also diagnose the disease by sight.

Of course, the eye tells us a lot about humans. In this article, we will learn how to diagnose diseases by observing eye doctors.

Eyelid Pimple Or Puffiness:

If you have ever had a lump or a lump on your eyelid, you know that it can be very painful and uncomfortable. This psoriasis, also called Sty’s, is usually caused by a blockage in the sebaceous glands. And after a few days, it ends by itself. But if it doesn’t go away and it hurts more or it starts to appear more often and lasts much longer. And is appearing again and again in the same place, so this is a sign of sebaceous gland cancer. If you have frequent pimples on your eye, it is time to see a doctor right away.

Eyebrow hair loss:

There are many causes for eyebrow hair loss, most notably aging, poor nutrition, and anxiety. Hair loss can also be caused by hair loss at a single spot.

Hypothyroidism is also a dangerous cause of eyebrow hair loss, which is caused by a deficiency of a hormone called thyroid and in case of this hormonal disorder, all the hairs fall out gradually. If your eyebrows and scalp hair are falling out and thinning, it may be due to thyroid gland malfunction. In this case, consult a doctor and get your thyroid gland examined.

Blurred Vision:

It is a common disease nowadays, which is usually caused by using a computer for a long time or looking at the screen of a mobile phone for a long time and reading a book on a mobile phone. This disease is called digital eye strain and dry eye syndrome. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, consult a doctor as soon as possible, because staying with this disease for too long can lead to other major eye diseases.


Alarm occurs when a blind spot appears in one part of the eye, that is, not a single spot is visible in the whole vision, or a place becomes brighter and disappears from sight, or lines appear in the eye and dots appear, and with it migraine. That is, the doctor should be contacted immediately and the whole thing should be told to him.

The Rise In The Eye:

If you have to see the eye repeatedly to see, and seeing or opening the whole eye improves the vision of the eye or you feel swollen eye, then it is a sign of thyroid disorder, which means Thyroid. Is overactive. In this case, it is usually difficult to close the eyes. So if you are feeling this way, contact a doctor immediately so that the disease can be diagnosed early.

Yellow eyes:

We usually look in the mirror every day and if the color of the eyes turns yellow, we immediately become aware of it. This yellow color of the eyes can occur in both young children and adults, and it is a sign of jaundice. In addition, the color of the eyes also turns yellow in case of defects in the leaves and leaf canals. In this case, see a doctor immediately.

Diabetes and Claudi Vision:

When sugar stays out of control for a long time, it can greatly affect the eyes and cause the blood vessels that supply blood to the eyes to burst. And if the sugar is damaging the blood vessels that supply blood to the eyes, then white clouds begin to form in front of your eyes, and you stop seeing..

Obscurity, blurred vision, or cloudiness:

There is an alarm of any kind in the eye that a dangerous disease is developing and in such a case contact a doctor immediately and get your check-up done. Because health is a thousand blessings and eye disease cripples man.


Pollen Allergy Prevention and Treatment


The small yellow seeds among the beautiful flowers are called pollen. Honey bees and other insects cling to the body of the earth and reach the female plants from the aphids. The pollen of some plants, trees, and grasses is so microscopic and weightless that it constantly circulates in the air in the billions, and enters the human respiratory tract, causing sensations.

There are many types of allergies, allergies to chemicals, and other allergens. Serotonin in foods such as bananas and rice causes serotonin allergies. Extremely thin and weightless objects and particles in the air can enter the respiratory tract and cause allergies. These include dust, dirt and pollen greens, etc. Pollen occurs all over the world, when no plant or tree, especially the flowers of the genus, are visible, leaving its pollen in the air. It happens more this season. Hence it is also called seasonal allergy.

Season of Allergy:

From February to spring, citizens begin to show signs of pollen allergy. Itching in the eyes, sneezing, and shortness of breath are common symptoms. Emergency and rush hospitals. Medicine and oxygen are depleted. People seem to be out of town.

The trachea passes through the nose and throat and ends in the air sacs of the lungs. Therefore, allergy symptoms are also consistent with it. Sneezing, itchy nose, runny nose, the fiber in the back of the nose (mucus) in the throat, nasal congestion Sore throat, dry cough, narrowing of the airways, difficulty breathing, constriction and tightness, wheezing, even shortness of breath, and asthma.

Feeling of sand in the eyes, redness, irritation, runny nose, itching on the face and body, body fatigue, and sometimes fever. It is worth mentioning here that the above-mentioned symptoms are also caused by flu etc. Therefore the diagnosis of the disease is important. Sneezing due to cold or sniffing chilies, sore throat due to consumption of cold drinks or sour things, and itching and runny eyes while coughing onions are not allergies, but due to hypersensitivity of the nasal passages.

Symptoms of Allergy:

Allergy symptoms depend on which part of the body the allergy is occurring. Allergic asthma is a skin allergy, an eye allergy, and ocular allergy, and allergic rhinitis. There are several causes of respiratory allergies. In areas where wheat is grown, the wheat crop flies into the atmosphere due to the cold, which causes respiratory problems and severe constipation, as well as mangoes cooked with acidic spices in summer, and allergies to sour canvas and malt in winter. Symptoms arise. While the main cause of dust allergy is dust, dust particles, and house dust mite, it is found in carpets, mattresses, and items filled with cotton. This worm is a microorganism that is invisible to the naked eye. Its particles fly in the air, causing respiratory allergies, which can lead to severe symptoms of asthma. Household dust mites are a major cause of asthmatic allergies worldwide.


It is possible to prevent pollen allergy by taking precautionary measures. So when leaving home, cover your nose and mouth with a cloth, handkerchief or mask. Just go out for some essential work. Keep doors and windows of homes and offices closed. From morning to 10 in the morning and from 4 to 7 in the evening, the amount of pollen in the air is relatively high. Therefore, allergy sufferers should avoid going out during these times and it is better not to go out or exercise during these times that exercise should be done at home.

Types of Allergy:

There are two types of medications used to treat allergies. The first type of medicine is used before the allergy and the second type is used after the disease occurs.

Protective medications to prevent allergies should be started about 3 weeks before the start of the allergy season and continue until 2 weeks after the end of the season. Proper timely use of medication with the advice of your doctor protects against severe allergic reactions.


Principles Of Healthy Living And Successful Living.


When you associate your success with money, rupee, dollar, and pound, your lust will increase and no matter how much you achieve it, you will not find yourself happy, you want to find real happiness, so think of yourself. Change the style and find success not in wealth, but in happiness.

Challenge yourself to work hard.

Until you learn the skills to compete in life. There will be no success in life, whenever there is a difficulty, face it instead of running away from it. Doing so once will increase your confidence the next time and will also change your perception of not being able to face difficulties.

Encourage Positive Criticism And Dissent:

The way definition can lead to a significant increase in human performance. In the same way, positive criticism can help you overcome your shortcomings. It will also provide an opportunity to focus on aspects that were previously ignored and led to failure and weakness.

Learn From Mistakes:

Failures in life are called teachers. These bitter and painful moments can be helpful in future successes. If you overcome your weaknesses and enter the field with a new spirit. The biggest advantage of this may be that you will not fail again and again for the same reasons.

Get In The Habit Of Getting Up Early And Daily:

The human body requires six to eight hours of sleep. If a person gets into the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, then he can make better use of time and when others are asleep. One can benefit from this time by making a schedule related to the day or by participating in a positive activity.

Be Positive:

If a person is in fear all the time, then this condition is imposed on him. And then this fear is entrenched in every way. This can be a barrier to success. Always adopt a positive attitude instead of a negative one.

Set Goals For Yourself On A Daily Basis:

Set tasks for yourself on a daily basis, and review your performance before bed. This will help one to keep the focus constantly on your target. Second, it will also make it easier to analyze persistent interruptions or failures.

Work Harder Than Those Around You:

Of course, man has to have as much success as he has to work hard but it is also important to remember, how the performance of those who work with him is. Work hard with good intentions on your part and then expect good results.

Never Be Satisfied With Your Performance:

If a person has no desire to move forward or to do more in any field of life, then man cannot achieve anything more. It is important to move forward, that every day is better than the last, try a little more every day. So that the increase in human capacity, as well as the results, also show a significant success.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Anyone:

Achieving success by choosing the profession you want is not an easy task. It is important that after making a decision, spend all your energy on your goals and protect yourself from unnecessary activities.

Write Your Goals Clearly On A Piece Of Paper:

Where to go in life and what to do If your destination is clear, you are more likely to work harder because you have a goal in front of you. It can be helpful to focus on any problem or cause of distraction.

Spend Time with Positive Thinking Successful People:

If you spend time with successful and good thinking people, then human thinking also turns towards becoming like them and doing like them. If you have to choose between a good destination and bad friends, choose a good destination. Good people will help you reach your destination, while bad friends will hinder you.

Keep Yourself Physically Fit:

A good mind can only be in a healthy body. It is important for those who want to live a happy life to pay attention to their body. So that they can get a positive result today and tomorrow.


The Importance of Coronavirus and Herbal Tea.


Nature has healed in herbs. Herbs have different properties and benefits. Today, the whole world is benefiting immensely from medicinal plants. The World Health Organization recommends using whole herbs instead of using effective herbal ingredients for treatment. Efforts are underway to find a vaccine for the coronavirus worldwide. According to recent observations and researches, drinking herbal tea is useful in the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Nowadays, the West has adopted the method of making tea from herbs. They insist on calling it tea instead of hot tea, such as green tea, minute tea. This tea does not feel very tasty to some people at first, after drinking it a few times it tastes so good, that the heart wants to drink it again and again. However, you can add honey, jaggery, or a little lemon juice or rose water to make it taste good. If fresh fruit juice is added to this tea, it will further enhance its taste and aroma. The following teas are equally beneficial in all seasons.

Mint Tea (Minute Tea):

Mint tea is very useful as a medicine. This tea is very tasty and fragrant. A cup of tea relieves the fatigue of the day. It helps in weight loss. In a glass and a half of water, add a few leaves of mint and a pinch of cloves and black pepper. Stir in a glass of tea. This tea gives immediate relief to flatulence. This tea cleanses the intestines, which eliminates the complaint of bad breath. It is drunk to relieve sore throat, vomiting, headache, cough, and cold. Useful in indigestion, cholera, and vomiting. Mint tea boosts the body’s immune system, and mint tea plays an important role in preventing coronavirus.

Green Tea:

Green tea is low in calories. It improves the digestive system. Helps in weight loss, therefore extremely popular among women. The desired results are obtained quickly by adding a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice or vinegar. Green tea boosts immunity. Therefore, it is used as an adjuvant in the outbreak of Coronavirus. It relieves heart ailments. For better benefits, it should be drunk like milk without coffee. Green tea is also useful for eyesight and memory. It reduces liver diseases and stress. If someone has an unpleasant odor, they should drink green tea.

Fennel Tea:

Fennel seeds are a very powerful ingredient. It is a digestive tract. This tea is full of flavor. Eliminates various viruses. Fennel is one of the protective herbs against coronavirus. Its regular use increases the body’s immunity. In case of eye pain, boil the fennel in water and cool the water. Hitting the eyes with this water eliminates redness and irritation. To brighten the complexion of women, make fennel tea and mix honey and yogurt in it well. Now apply this mixture to the face and neck and lie down for fifteen minutes. Put cotton soaked in water on the eyes. Rinse with lukewarm water after fifteen minutes. The skin will be clear and radiant and the eyes will also glow. Fennel strengthens the body’s immune system and strengthens the body against viral diseases.

Basil Tea:

Its leaves give off an enchanting scent. Basil leaves are useful in diseases of the chest, kidneys, and bladder. Boiling its leaves in the scalp and applying its water on the face shrinks the pores of the skin and makes the face attractive. This tea has flavor and aroma. Basil has immense power against the virus. Increases immune power and cure infections. Basil is recommended for the treatment of coronavirus in China.

Bay Leaf Tea:

Bay leaves or bay leaves are the leaves of a plant. It also includes biryani and qorma spices. This tea is very useful for the digestive system, cures dysentery. Has antiviral properties. According to Chinese medical experts, Acacia is the best natural medicine for the prevention and treatment of the coronavirus.

Black Cumin Tea:

Before making black cumin tea, crush the cumin and then add hot water. This tea is good for the liver, leaves, and digestive system. Beneficial in respiratory complaints. Drinking it improves kidney function. It clears the skin tone.


Late Night Eating Disorder


It will happen in life with most of us, that if you open your eyes in the middle of the night, you can eat whatever you want. Went to the kitchen or refrigerator and took out the food and started eating. Occasionally there is more, but when it does happen, think of it as an alarm. It is estimated that there are millions of people in the UK alone who get up at night and eat, and doctors have described their practice as a sign of illness.

An American psychologist noticed these symptoms for the first time in some people and called them late-night meal gathering symptoms. He attributed this to changes in hormone levels in the body.

Food-Borne or Diet-Related Illnesses:

Most people today who are researching and treating food-borne or diet-related illnesses agree with this American psychologist’s view and the idea that, in the busyness of life, Growth and lifestyle changes are responsible for this. Most of the people who suffer from these symptoms are those who suffer from depression and insomnia. These people often wake up three or four times a night and then eat things that are high in starch (carbohydrates).

These people who get up at night to eat often do not eat breakfast and during the day their body reaches very few calories than other people, but from night to morning all the fractions are completed and their body half of the total calories are those that secretly reach their bodies in the middle of the night.


We have very little awareness of it and perhaps very few people will realize that they have the disease, so they never consult a doctor. A British expert has suggested that since these symptoms are rare, they are not well understood. In his opinion, these symptoms are probably a kind of this disease, which appears only at night.

This expert believes that there is a chemical change in the brain that wakes people up and motivates them to eat.

American psychologists believe that people who get up at night suffer from eating disorders. They face three major problems. Eating Disorders, Sleep Disorders, and Mood Disorders. Unfortunately, these symptoms are more common in women than in men. However, these symptoms were not seen in children.

Get Rid Of Overeating At Night:

One dietitian said that most people who get up at night suffer from eating disorders, eat well at night, and then try to eat less during the day. In order to get rid of overeating at night. The other side of it may be that they restrict their diet during the day. Therefore, hunger often increases at night. Thus it becomes disturbing dizziness.

This expert believes that at night, an atmosphere is created which encourages people to eat whatever they want. It involves a number of factors, such as loneliness, anxiety, smoking, and irregular eating and sleeping patterns.

Diet Should be Balanced:

People who suffer from this disease or other disorders related to diet. They should, on the advice of psychologists and dietitians, devise a system for themselves, in which they eat on a regular basis and also keep in mind the amount and balance of food.


At the same time, it is important to adopt a method that resists the factors that cause the disease to arise and spread. Also, try to get rid of thoughts that bother your mind and cause stress. These thoughts or negative thoughts play a significant role in the development of food-related illnesses and often lead to mental disorders.


Start Each Morning with Breakfast


The stupid big mistake of modern families is not to have breakfast, which is also the reason for the late morning. In our country where it is customary to drink only tea and strong tea for breakfast. Dietary habits should be traced and their blood sugar levels should be known at different times.

It can now be said without fear that in our society, lethargy, laziness, fatigue, apathy, boredom, irritability, exhaustion, weakness, paranoia, and delusional thinking are mixed with eating habits. In a way, our wrong diet can be likened to a flammable substance.

What Happened To People Who Don’t Eat Breakfast

People who do not eat breakfast can be cunning in resolving various national issues, private matters, political and economic issues.

Therefore, the importance of a good breakfast is very high in offices, factories, institutions, drivers, pedestrians, and students in schools and colleges. It is likely that the blood sugar will be lower than normal in people who are apparently irritable, irritable, restless, depressed, and naughty. Proper blood sugar is very important for the energy of the brain, the deficiency of which can lead to seizures.

An elderly woman from a well-to-do family fell into a coma in the evening. I started sweating and my heart started beating. His family rightly feared he might have a heart attack. Detailed examination and cardiomyopathy (ECG) were found to be correct. Upon further inquiry, it was learned from listening to the full story that this woman lives alone in her magnificent beach house.

What is the Best Breakfast to Start the Day?

Most children are abroad. There are a son and daughter-in-law living in the same house, who peek from place to place, otherwise, only a village serviceman takes care of it. Recently her daughter came from America. In the grief of her return, the woman became severely depressed. He stopped eating and drinking and as a result, his blood sugar dropped, which led to his condition.

Dissolving a few teaspoons of sugar in water and drinking it became an immediate but temporary cure.

There is no doubt that most people have weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations, headaches, legs responding to walking, and some vague and anonymous complaints, for which there is no apparent cause Diabetes can be caused by anemia. Although they and their relatives become convinced that they are in the grip of a heart attack. The following incidents show that these individuals were convinced that they had a heart condition, although this was not the case.

Is it OK not to have breakfast in Diet

A person had drastically reduced their diet to lose weight. He used to complain of weakness in the early hours of the morning and at night when his blood sugar could be extremely low. An old woman complained that whenever she goes out and has to walk a little, she faints. Her problem was that she didn’t want to be bothered by cooking because she was alone, nor could she afford it.

What Should You Never Eat For Breakfast?

A detailed examination of the above persons did not reveal any defect, but they were so terrified of their own suffering that they could not get out of this predicament. Because they have a heart condition. His wives were taking care of him as if their anxious mothers were taking care of premature babies, and the focus of everyone in the house was on his heart condition.


These are not just stories, but true events in which there is a world of forgiveness for those who consider. The condition of school children is even worse. Lack of sleep due to watching TV late at night, lack of time for urgent needs due to getting up late, worries about being late and having breakfast in a hurry to get to school Lack of time and overeating at night makes it even harder to have breakfast. So often children do not go to school with a good breakfast. Most go to school without eating or drinking.