Treatment Of Coronavirus


People who have recovered from the coronavirus can save their lives by donating their plasma corona virus to patients after three weeks. The patient appears to recover after 48 hours of plasma transfusion. Only one patient can be cured with a plasma. Because plasma contains antibodies. Therefore, they help to prevent infection.

In this regard, DRAP has allowed CLINICAL TRIAL to doctors. Only certified entities can take plasma from a coronavirus patient. This type has been tested on many patients in China. This treatment is called PASSIVE IMMUNIZATION.

The Coronavirus Has Decreased, Not Disappeared

If you look closely, there are no precautionary measures against coronavirus in society. It seems from the attitudes of the people that there has never been a dangerous epidemic in the world in the form of the coronavirus. People are thinking that life before corona has returned. It is wrong to think so. Large numbers of people are leaving their homes for sightseeing, which can be extremely harmful and cause the spread of the virus. No one uses masks, nor do they avoid social distances. However, observations show that in states where the coronavirus has declined, the virus has re-emerged when people took precautionary measures. The situation in Pakistan is still under control, but people should not give up a caution. The government should remind the people that the threat is not over. If the public does not take precautions, the virus can become more aggressive.

Effects Of The Corona

Despite the terror of the coronavirus, ski vaccines are being developed around the world. US President Trump has said that the vaccine for the epidemic will hit the market in a few months, which will open up new markets for pharmaceutical companies for their products. While every airline has made the corona test mandatory for passengers going abroad, which has made the owners of clinical laboratories silver. Currently, millions of people in India, the world’s second-largest country, are affected by the corona.

Physicians recommend that patients undergo a test called “PCR” (POLYMERASE CHAIN ​​REACTION) to diagnose the corona virus.

Benefit From Taking Antibiotics

This is a standard test. Currently, 4 1 laboratories across the country are facilitating this test. It is a viral infection, in which the patient does not benefit from taking antibiotics and may experience side effects from taking any medication on their own. The body temperature of the person infected with this virus increases greatly. According to the World Health Organization, the patient’s used items, such as mobile phones, towels, glasses, plates, cups, and pens, should not be used by anyone else. Otherwise, they may be infected with this virus.

The patient should eat a balanced diet, and avoid smoking at all costs. This is because the lungs are greatly affected by smoking.

How To Get Rid Of The Coronavirus

Russian scientists claim to have developed an effective drug to get rid of the coronavirus. They have given mefloquine, an effective anti-malarial drug, to some patients, which has not only reduced their internal irritation. In fact, the spread of the virus has stopped.

According to Russia’s Federal Biomedical Agency, the drug has had encouraging results. The drug also contains antibiotics, which have been shown to increase the number of components in the blood plasma and lungs that are resistant to the virus. Mefloquine has been used to treat many patients with the cornea virus.

Vaccine For The Coronavirus

In addition, Johnson has entered into an agreement with the United States to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. The vaccine will be available by September 2020. An American company has also developed a special type of rapid kit (KIT) that can diagnose coronavirus in just five minutes. The kit is so small that it can be easily carried anywhere, and the coronavirus can be diagnosed. According to a study, a person infected with the coronavirus can transmit the virus to another person through their own tears. If a person touches that person’s tears or touches the place where the tears fell, the virus can also be transmitted to them.

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