The Importance of Coronavirus and Herbal Tea.


Nature has healed in herbs. Herbs have different properties and benefits. Today, the whole world is benefiting immensely from medicinal plants. The World Health Organization recommends using whole herbs instead of using effective herbal ingredients for treatment. Efforts are underway to find a vaccine for the coronavirus worldwide. According to recent observations and researches, drinking herbal tea is useful in the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Nowadays, the West has adopted the method of making tea from herbs. They insist on calling it tea instead of hot tea, such as green tea, minute tea. This tea does not feel very tasty to some people at first, after drinking it a few times it tastes so good, that the heart wants to drink it again and again. However, you can add honey, jaggery, or a little lemon juice or rose water to make it taste good. If fresh fruit juice is added to this tea, it will further enhance its taste and aroma. The following teas are equally beneficial in all seasons.

Mint Tea (Minute Tea):

Mint tea is very useful as a medicine. This tea is very tasty and fragrant. A cup of tea relieves the fatigue of the day. It helps in weight loss. In a glass and a half of water, add a few leaves of mint and a pinch of cloves and black pepper. Stir in a glass of tea. This tea gives immediate relief to flatulence. This tea cleanses the intestines, which eliminates the complaint of bad breath. It is drunk to relieve sore throat, vomiting, headache, cough, and cold. Useful in indigestion, cholera, and vomiting. Mint tea boosts the body’s immune system, and mint tea plays an important role in preventing coronavirus.

Green Tea:

Green tea is low in calories. It improves the digestive system. Helps in weight loss, therefore extremely popular among women. The desired results are obtained quickly by adding a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice or vinegar. Green tea boosts immunity. Therefore, it is used as an adjuvant in the outbreak of Coronavirus. It relieves heart ailments. For better benefits, it should be drunk like milk without coffee. Green tea is also useful for eyesight and memory. It reduces liver diseases and stress. If someone has an unpleasant odor, they should drink green tea.

Fennel Tea:

Fennel seeds are a very powerful ingredient. It is a digestive tract. This tea is full of flavor. Eliminates various viruses. Fennel is one of the protective herbs against coronavirus. Its regular use increases the body’s immunity. In case of eye pain, boil the fennel in water and cool the water. Hitting the eyes with this water eliminates redness and irritation. To brighten the complexion of women, make fennel tea and mix honey and yogurt in it well. Now apply this mixture to the face and neck and lie down for fifteen minutes. Put cotton soaked in water on the eyes. Rinse with lukewarm water after fifteen minutes. The skin will be clear and radiant and the eyes will also glow. Fennel strengthens the body’s immune system and strengthens the body against viral diseases.

Basil Tea:

Its leaves give off an enchanting scent. Basil leaves are useful in diseases of the chest, kidneys, and bladder. Boiling its leaves in the scalp and applying its water on the face shrinks the pores of the skin and makes the face attractive. This tea has flavor and aroma. Basil has immense power against the virus. Increases immune power and cure infections. Basil is recommended for the treatment of coronavirus in China.

Bay Leaf Tea:

Bay leaves or bay leaves are the leaves of a plant. It also includes biryani and qorma spices. This tea is very useful for the digestive system, cures dysentery. Has antiviral properties. According to Chinese medical experts, Acacia is the best natural medicine for the prevention and treatment of the coronavirus.

Black Cumin Tea:

Before making black cumin tea, crush the cumin and then add hot water. This tea is good for the liver, leaves, and digestive system. Beneficial in respiratory complaints. Drinking it improves kidney function. It clears the skin tone.

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