Flower like Babies and Summer


Like every year, this year too, after June-July, August is experiencing extreme heat. It is very important to take precautionary measures to avoid damage in this extremely hot weather. Adults can take care of themselves and avoid the weather to some extent. In such cases, it is very important to take care of the children. Undoubtedly children are one of nature’s greatest blessings. These are the invaluable gifts of nature that make our lives smile.

Children Are As Delicate As Flowers

Just as flowers do not grow properly, so they begin to wither. In the same way, children need care and attention. Everyone loves children, but some children are the star in their parents’ eyes, the way parents can take care of their children. No one else can. That is why, when summer comes, mothers choose clothes and other things for themselves according to the season. There she arranges appropriate clothing, precocious heat powder, and other essentials to protect her children from the heat of summer.

Heat Rashes

According to health experts, children should bathe daily in summer. If children have heat rash, then bathing is even more important. In summer, heat rashes are a major problem. They are called “prekli heats” in English and are correctly pronounced, prekli means fork, touching thorns, heat rashes appear on the body, and it seems that thorns are burning on the body or thorns are being bitten.

Causes of Itching or Stinging

Children show great nervousness in such a situation. Because these grains cause severe itching. Heat grains usually emit more at the same time, when the humidity in the air also increases with the onset of summer. We all know that when we feel hot, our body sweats to cool us down. Sweat glands are located under our skin. Sweat from these glands reaches our skin through narrow ducts. If for some reason these ducts become blocked, the sweat glands do not reach the skin and get stuck in the path. Then this sweat emerges on the skin in the form of protest heat grains. If the sweat stays just below the skin, then small rashes appear on the skin, like dew drops. If the sweat stays a little deeper under the skin, then innumerable red rashes appear on the skin, which causes severe itching or stinging.

How To Protect Children From These Heat Waves

It is important to protect children from these heat waves, that is, to protect them from extreme heat as much as possible. Avoid carrying them directly in the sun, and if you must carry them, be sure to provide sunscreens, such as sun protection lotions, umbrellas, or shaded clothing. If children have rashes, bathe them daily, apply pre-heated powder and keep them in an open, airy, and cool place as far as possible.

Sweat in Summer:

It is normal to sweat in the summer, never bathe the baby while he is sweating, and do not sit under the fan without drying the sweat, dry the sweat with towels or handkerchiefs, and then bathe the baby, fan after bathing. The strong wind can harm the baby. To protect the baby from overheating of the fan and manage the natural air properly, such as opening a window. In the summer, water the baby periodically. So that his body does not become dehydrated, which is excreted in the form of sweat. With the above guidelines from health experts and these simple steps, we can take better care of our children like flowers.

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