Start Each Morning with Breakfast


The stupid big mistake of modern families is not to have breakfast, which is also the reason for the late morning. In our country where it is customary to drink only tea and strong tea for breakfast. Dietary habits should be traced and their blood sugar levels should be known at different times.

It can now be said without fear that in our society, lethargy, laziness, fatigue, apathy, boredom, irritability, exhaustion, weakness, paranoia, and delusional thinking are mixed with eating habits. In a way, our wrong diet can be likened to a flammable substance.

What Happened To People Who Don’t Eat Breakfast

People who do not eat breakfast can be cunning in resolving various national issues, private matters, political and economic issues.

Therefore, the importance of a good breakfast is very high in offices, factories, institutions, drivers, pedestrians, and students in schools and colleges. It is likely that the blood sugar will be lower than normal in people who are apparently irritable, irritable, restless, depressed, and naughty. Proper blood sugar is very important for the energy of the brain, the deficiency of which can lead to seizures.

An elderly woman from a well-to-do family fell into a coma in the evening. I started sweating and my heart started beating. His family rightly feared he might have a heart attack. Detailed examination and cardiomyopathy (ECG) were found to be correct. Upon further inquiry, it was learned from listening to the full story that this woman lives alone in her magnificent beach house.

What is the Best Breakfast to Start the Day?

Most children are abroad. There are a son and daughter-in-law living in the same house, who peek from place to place, otherwise, only a village serviceman takes care of it. Recently her daughter came from America. In the grief of her return, the woman became severely depressed. He stopped eating and drinking and as a result, his blood sugar dropped, which led to his condition.

Dissolving a few teaspoons of sugar in water and drinking it became an immediate but temporary cure.

There is no doubt that most people have weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations, headaches, legs responding to walking, and some vague and anonymous complaints, for which there is no apparent cause Diabetes can be caused by anemia. Although they and their relatives become convinced that they are in the grip of a heart attack. The following incidents show that these individuals were convinced that they had a heart condition, although this was not the case.

Is it OK not to have breakfast in Diet

A person had drastically reduced their diet to lose weight. He used to complain of weakness in the early hours of the morning and at night when his blood sugar could be extremely low. An old woman complained that whenever she goes out and has to walk a little, she faints. Her problem was that she didn’t want to be bothered by cooking because she was alone, nor could she afford it.

What Should You Never Eat For Breakfast?

A detailed examination of the above persons did not reveal any defect, but they were so terrified of their own suffering that they could not get out of this predicament. Because they have a heart condition. His wives were taking care of him as if their anxious mothers were taking care of premature babies, and the focus of everyone in the house was on his heart condition.


These are not just stories, but true events in which there is a world of forgiveness for those who consider. The condition of school children is even worse. Lack of sleep due to watching TV late at night, lack of time for urgent needs due to getting up late, worries about being late and having breakfast in a hurry to get to school Lack of time and overeating at night makes it even harder to have breakfast. So often children do not go to school with a good breakfast. Most go to school without eating or drinking.

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