Ride a Bicycle, Get Healthy


The People’s Republic of China currently has the most bicycles in the world. It is as if millions of Chinese travel daily on their bicycles for work and employment. In the early days of the Chinese Revolution, vehicles were reserved for engineers, and even the Prime Minister and ministers used to come to the office on bicycles.

He used to ride his office bicycle. The highest number of bicycles in the subcontinent was in Hyderabad Deccan, while Poona (India) had the highest number of female cyclists.

Bicycles are becoming less and less popular in big cities. What is its status in front of high-speed cars, buses?

Cycling counts as aerobic exercise, meaning your heart rate keeps up during it. You breathe faster and absorb oxygen better. You can strengthen your heart and body by turning the pedal five days a week. This exercise can not only save you from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Even pedaling three times in the first four weeks seems to benefit. Initially, 12 to 15 minutes of exercise is enough. You can do this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and evening if you wish.

This way your legs will gradually be able to exercise longer.
Need air

Cycling in the open-air absorbs clean air into the lungs and also reduces the body’s feeling of heat from exposure to air. Also, the heart rate does not increase much. So keep the windows open in the room where you exercise.

Don’t wear too thick and heavy clothes. So that the body feels fresh air. Initially rotate the pedal slowly for 5 to 7 minutes. So that your body gets warm. Similarly, at the end of the exercise, continue the process of rotating the pedals slowly for some time. So that blood circulation and respiration return to normal.

Comfortable Seat

It is very important that the seat of the bicycle is comfortable.

Sit comfortably by placing cushions etc. on it if needed. The height of the mattress should also be in terms of your legs, ie neither too high nor too low. Place the part of your claw seed on the pedal. The tip of the claw should not be on it. Similarly, the handle should be such that you lean on it. Do not bend too much, otherwise, your back will be visible. Often people get tired and bend over, this style is not appropriate.

Do not hold the handle too tightly. This way the hands can be heard. Wear gloves if you deem it appropriate. Rather than cycling in the open, pedaling in one place can be exhausting. So you have to try harder to avoid it, which can exhaust your mind.

Follow these instructions to get rid of it:
  • While pedaling, pedal very fast for half a minute and then return to normal speed. This will eliminate fatigue and burn calories even more.
  • If possible, place cardboard or stand in the middle of the handle of your bicycle, on which you can place a book or magazine and read it while pedaling.
  • A book or magazine with bold words should be placed on the stand. So that it can be read easily without bending. This way you can also schedule your workout.
  • Keep the bicycle in a place where you can enjoy the view from the outside.
  • With these tips, you can make the process of exercising on a steep bicycle pleasant. This restriction will make your useless cycle useful and useful and your health will be enviable. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Start this easy and useful exercise today.

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