Healthy Spices


Spices are widely used in Asia, but the best way to use them is to use them in small quantities. In addition, the use of crushed spices should be avoided as much as possible, i.e. they should be used freshly ground. Their aroma, color, and ingredients are digestible and nutritious. They increase nutrition, and the harmful effects of various nutrients are eliminated.

Use of Species:

The use of green spices, namely green coriander, mint, and green chilies, is also popular in other eastern countries like Asia and India. However, in Arab countries, dull varieties of green peppers are used. Their use not only enhances the aroma of food but also their appearance.

Below are some of the properties and qualities of spices that are very popular and used in Eastern countries to increase your interest and information.


Ginger digests food, satisfies hunger, clears mucus, removes bad breath, and expels odors. People who have a weak stomach, do not digest food well, and produce more air. They have benefited a lot from this food.


Due to its virtues, it has become an integral part of almost all diets around the world. It removes the stains of meat, fish, etc. Eating it protects a person from the harm of bad weather. Garlic strengthens the stomach, expels odors, removes mucus, and is beneficial in coughs and asthma.

Lowering cholesterol lowers blood pressure and reduces certain skin diseases. Adding it to the preparation of lentils, salads and other foods create aroma and fragrance.


An important ingredient in curry, the use of which is as universal as garlic. It also removes odors and makes the curry taste and color happy. Onion removes toxic effects and protects against infectious diseases.

Raw onions are also eaten with gusto. It clears mucus and reduces colds. Digestive and nourishing. Useful for removing odors and bad breath.


Coriander is added in the preparation of lentils, salads, and various salty dishes. Because of this, the curry becomes fragrant. It strengthens the stomach and expels odors, refreshes the heart and mind, energizes and reduces bile.

Big Cardamom:

Large cardamom is digestible. It strengthens the stomach and makes you hungry. Relieves nausea and flatulence. The same cardamom is used in hot spices.

Green Cardamom:

It strengthens the stomach and stimulates appetite by making the food fragrant. Removes odor and strengthens the heart. It is often added to Oriental desserts. The smell of meat and fish goes away from it. Improves water bird meat and removes stains.

Black Pepper:

Black pepper reduces the loss of nutritious foods, especially large meat. Enhances the taste of foods. It also removes odors and sorts mucus. It also improves cold products, such as yogurt, tamarind, etc. Black pepper is appetizing and creates aroma in foods.

Dried Ginger:

Ginger is dried ginger. It digests food and expels odors. Adding it to foods creates aroma, and enhances their flavor. Ginger makes you hungry and relieves the effects of cold and wind.


White cumin makes food fragrant and strengthens the stomach, liver, and intestines. Removes wind and odor. Its fragrance also increases appetite. It Reduces mucus.

Black cumin:

Black cumin is fragrant, and it benefits the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to making meat dishes fragrant, it makes them quick to digest by reducing their disadvantages.


Clove is added with hot spices. It is anti-inflammatory and does not cause indigestion. The gastrointestinal tract becomes faster because of this. Strengthens the heart and mind and acts as a tonic. The enjoyment of food is enhanced by this.


Cinnamon makes food fragrant. It also removes odors and strengthens the stomach. Cinnamon excretes mucus and kills stomach worms.

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