Fruits Full Of Sour-Sweet Juice.


Don’t be surprised by my tangerine name. This type of me is good in Asia, but most people call me better than orange,

I belong to the sour fruit family. So sour is harmful to cough, but sucking well-cooked canoe relieves dry cough. Seeing my golden color, the Mughal emperor Rangeela Shah named me “Suntra”. I have large amounts of vitamins A, B, and C. Because of these qualities, I am considered to be useful in curing many ailments, for example, I get rid of asthma, dry cough, tuberculosis, pneumonia, arthritis, and high blood pressure by eating.

One of my characteristics is that I get digested very quickly. I also have plenty of glucose and calcium. That’s why I find it extremely useful for very weak patients. I get rid of gastric acidity by eating. I am an excellent natural source of vitamin C. These vitamins increase the body’s ability to fight disease. The deficiency of this vitamin causes pain, especially in the gums.

The gums swell and bleed. Then they start smelling pus and smell. This is called mass eating or pyorrhea. Like all fruits, eat well-ripened canoes, i.e. oranges. Yes, if you have a sore throat then be careful or eat with salt and pepper. The canoe is a very beneficial fruit, be sure to eat a sweet canoe after eating.


In shape and form, I am seasonal, but in terms of taste, I am very close to orange. Sourness with sweetness in my juice gives a new flavor. I was brought from the island of Malta and cultivated first in South India and then in Punjab. By my type, I belong to the citrus fruit, as if I belong to the same family. In English, I am called Sweet Orange. One of my types is called Red Blood.

I have more citric acid than lemons, and I’m also rich in vitamin C. Also I have minerals like calcium, magnesium, steel, and zinc, etc. I have more fiber or grapefruit-like fiber than oranges and canoes. So I should not only suck but also chew my flowers. This speeds up the bowel function.

People who eat me are safe from bile. Nowadays this discomfort is called acidity. I give strength to my heart because of its pleasant aroma, vitamins, and other ingredients. Since I am sour, I should eat with salt and pepper.


I am a very happy taste and juicy fruit of winter. I love to eat. I have three major varieties: sweet pomegranate first, sweet pomegranate second (sweet and sour pomegranate), and sour pomegranate third. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Cabbage pomegranate is considered the best. It contains proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins. I am useful in removing diseases quickly. Because I correct the function of the liver and make good clean blood by removing toxins from the body.

My juice quenches thirst and refreshes the heart. That’s why doctors add my juice to the preparation of heart medicine. Eating sweet pomegranate makes blood more. According to research, I also have the ability to kill germs. That is why I consider it very useful for patients suffering from tuberculosis.


Yes, I guess you like me. My bitterness does not please you. I am a newer fruit than any other, but you may have noticed that I am more visible in Asia now.

Now I am present at every juice shop. Just think why? I count them among the few fruits that have the ability to remove from the body the calcium that accumulates in the joints and their curry bones. My food makes all the systems of the body faster, in other words, they become smarter, and for example, the liver begins to do its job in a better way. In this way, the stones deposited in the leaves (gall bladder) are also removed.

The intestinal function gets better because of my pulp. Get rid of colds and fever caused by it. Digestion is cured. Yes, let me tell you one more thing, I have more fiber. It makes you feel full. This way the food is eaten less and the blood sugar level stays in the range.

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